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Ace Combat Infinity - XFA-27 & For Modelers Edition

I won't be posting the white colour version of Ace Combat Infinity - XFA-27 photos. Grey looks better and for your information about the scale, it's going to be 1/144 size. Both of them packed with the same water decal sheet and display stand according to the description at the official product page.

You can now pre-order Ace Combat Infinity - XFA-27 for $44.99 or F.M.E (For Modeler Edition) version for $34.99 at Kotobukiya Amazon.

Armored Core Variable Infinity Reissue in October 2018


Hexa Gear Customization Guide - May 2018


Hobby Link Japan - Frame Arms Girl Free Decal Sheet Promo

What do you know, the promotion does apply to worldwide! Check out the qualifying kits to receive free decal sheet!

Alice Gear - Aegis x Frame Arms Girl Announced Collaboration

So the next collaboration is now Frame  Arms Girl? It won't be a figure but more related to the in-game event since Kotobukiya already announced making the figures and release under Megami Device title.

*Alice Gear - Aegis is a mobile game and available for Andriod and iOS.

Alice Gear - Aegis x Megami Device Collaboration - Kaede Agatsuma

I know I hardly post Megami Device news, but the popularity is undeniable. Kotobukiya has announced releasing two (probably more) collaboration figures for Alice Gear - Aegis. Fully painted Kaeda Agatsuma images are now available to view and the release date on October 2018. There will be a digital code for the in-game bonus and available to get worldwide for early pre-order.

Non-Original / Bootleg - Pretty Armor

While we hardly see Kotobukiya plastic kits ended up with many bootleg (Zoids affected) release, the Frame Arms Girl, Gigantic Arms and M.S.G weapons are the latest and currently available for pre-order (around US$35.00) and pending release with different sets in June from several online shops in Hong Kong and China. Please take note the bootleg version name is called ‘Pretty Armor’ and not officially released by Kotobukiya.

From the looks, there are some modifications to the design and mix with M.S.G weapon parts if I’m not mistaken. The quality of the plastic kits is unknown. As usual, do not support bootleg and advise buying at your own risk. It also quite interesting to see if Kotobukiya going to lawyer up soon against the copycat in China since they have official factory and shops there. Anyway, enjoy the photos and some kits assemble quite interesting check out for ideas.