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HEXA GEAR - Bulkarm Alpha Released!

Artwork by MORUGA
HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Alpha is now available at all Japan retail shops! Kotobukiya also releases new photos of painted Early Governor figure including a guide on how you can implement M.S.G Heavy Weapon and Weapon Unit when building Bulkarm Alpha. Check out the new photos for more information!

Creation of the World III #132 - YSX-24Y/AS ダインスレイフ


  1. Can you tell where all the components are from?

  2. Nice copy of VVV-02 Dainsrave from "Valvrave the Liberator", although it DOES have its differences.

    1. Looks absolutely nothing like the Dainsrave....

  3. Well i'm new to frame arms but for this kit shown it may be that it has parts from all Baselard types all in one with a custom paint job or, maby the creator actually did fully custom pieces like frame arms is leading people to make.

  4. im kinda new as well, but is this a customized work, wherein the owner combined/created parts from different Frame Arms? and slapped them together to create this BEAUTIFUL piece of Mech? :)


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