FRAME ARMS SA-16 Stylet / Stiletto

[Mechanism Description]
SA-16 Stylet (Stiletto) is a driving skeleton “Frame Architect TYPE001” air combat maneuver improvement unit base built in France. It was born as the “Frame Arms” high mobility fighter plane and airborne infantry aggressive weapon.

The SA-16 Stylet were licensed and official mass production, developed and introduced as the general-purpose fighter which it can accommodate various defense and combat attack. It also succeeded in obtaining lightweight frame along with the high ballistic resistance using the new armor material made out from “Juraniumu”.

Equipped with “SH4000-B Siren mk.II” jet engine, Stylet is capable of performing STOL (short takeoff and landing) function at high thrust. There are various parts of “Anti G-forces frame” and “large balancer” being outfitted all over its body to completed as aircraft with high mobility fighting air combat capability. In addition, the leg section heel part is equipped with the landing gear of wheel type to enable combination with STOL function, to make high speed traveling in brief possible. Particularly effectively function in urban combat as large-sized Frame Arms which had assault airborne ability.

Stylet became main leading air war weapons deployed in every region of the Earth. As such, various minor changes are administered to suit the environment and numerous body variations are created. 

The standard armaments introduce in the mass production are equipped with M547A5 60mm Gatling gun and S-41-B (2x) missile launcher mount on both forearms. Stylet can armed with other optional armaments.

[Stylet History]
  • There are twelves Stylet prototypes under model name code YSA-16. It was being tested to equipped with M547A5 60mm Gatling gun and S-41-B (2x) missile launcher in advance to solved the standard armament specification. While the exterior is identical, the production model has inferior performance.
  • The SA series was an originally aerial heavy equipment S-10 for use in the construction of ultra-high-rise buildings and floating cities.
  • First generation Frame Arms roll out together with M32 Gourai

[Body Variations]
  • SA-16 Stylet/Stiletto Interceptor 
  • SA-16A Block 10
  • SA-16B25 Super Stylet/Stiletto
  • SA-16d Block 5
  • SA-16d Khanjar/Ostrich
  • SA-16E Stylet/Stiletto
  • SA-16F 
  • SA-16F1 
  • SA-16s2 Super Stylet/Stiletto II