Ryurai Kai - Type 38 Model 1

Ryuurai Kai - Type 38 Model 1 SPEC:
  • 1 person crew.
  • Heavy armor, bulletproof formula vessel injection
  • sixty-five bullet-long-range electromagnetic induction type entity sixty-seven
  • standard formula (ak-14T Tactical Knife).
  • Architect skeleton frame TYPE001 drive

Technology & Combat Characteristics:
Ryurai was originally designed as long range support unit for Gourai, armed with long range plasma solid cannon on each shoulder. The cannons adjust their angle and shoot in arc to hit target at close range (like mortar).
  • There is reinforce armor with stabilizer from knees below, to increase its stability while shooting the cannons.
  • It's notable for high agility in comparison to other support unit (guess they mean ballistic tank), yet suppose to remain in back-line.
When they put the design in use, however, the Ryurai's pilot often found himself in frontline since Gourai is lacking at firepower. So they refine the Ryurai as Ryurai Kai (and assign model number Type 38 to it). The improvement are optical sensor on head and large bulletproof shield on each shoulder (which also use to store a tactical knife). Provide Ryurai with better defense in heat of battle. It's success model, typical Japan FA battalion is often consist of both Gourai and Ryurai Kai in single squad.
Gourai and its successors are adopted by USA force. Gourai is known as M-32 Werewolf while Ryurai Kai is M-38 Werewolf Blooper. Senrai was limited to experimental model though, known as M-322 Werewolf Fang.


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