Frame Arms: NSG-04θ Weisheit θ (theta) Limited Shop Released

Update #2 - get hold on NSG-04θ Weisheit θ (theta) Koto Limited shop released! We can now check out the open box page with larger photos to find out more inside details about the kits and review soon. It's really good to know we can also built both NSG-12α Kobold and NSG-25γ Strauss!

The instruction manual also feature “Secret Factor” page guiding you how to insert the limited weapons to build NSG-X3 Hresvelgr=Rufus.

Update #1 - Kotobukiya first Frame Arms limited shop released this year, November 2012. Seems like they are slowly following Bandai web limited foot step style. However, its not easy to get NSG-04θ Weiss height θ from Asia market because it only available for Kotobukiya direct shop in Japan. Nonetheless, I’m sure you can still hunt down through Google or eBay maybe for a high price.

Now, we know NSG-04θ Weiss height θ was entirely base on the original NSG-12α Kobold and NSG-25γ Strauss kit that were released last year. Aside the plastic kit painted in beautiful red, it also comes with brand new 4 sets rifle blades weapon design allow you to form burst mode style.

According to the official website, Kobold hand parts and Strauss joint parts were removed which is now replace with new hand parts that was introduced from “XFA-01 Werewolf Specter”. The reason for this to allow securely hold large weapons. Probably for the new rifle blades.

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