M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 02: Spiral Crasher

M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 02 Spiral Crasher Details:
  • Large claw arm] + [action Rotate
  • Built-in Weapon large mainspring mechanism appeared 2nd Heavy Weapon Unit Series!
  • Retractable blade section [large claw] are molded in clear, each part is removable armor
  • Possible, because it uses a 3mm joint, such as a frame for the connection in combination with Arms
  • The body has a built-in mechanism mainspring!
  • You can enjoy a powerful rotating action of the [large claw.
  • Can be used as a hand-held weapon, the arm of the robot can also be used as a variety. Because it has a wide range of movement due to expansion and contraction joint gimmick and poly cap, with a high degree of freedom.


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