M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 03: Unite Sword

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M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 03 Unite Sword Details:
  • Large Sword [union] & [separation] is possible! !
  • 3rd Heavy Weapon Unit Series appearance by changing the length of 235mm separation and coalescence
  • Knife can be used as part of the included [small knife] By connecting a general-purpose grip.
  • In addition, a variety of forms and [Axe] and [Short Sword] by recombinant. Enjoy.
  • Available in several different attachments included, the connection is spinning 3mm joint,
  • Or in combination [Heavy Weapon Unit 01, 02] and [Frame Arms series] Enjoy.
  • More! It Sword "super-sized" if Kumiawasere two possible production! !


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