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Baselard Extend Arms 02 Preview

More preview shot on the upcoming Extend Arms 02 for Baselard at Koto Frame Arms blog! Look really good on Baselard for an upgrade. I wonder if this parts look good on the other series.

Kotobukiya M.S.G Assault Rifle (Limited Version)

Here is the more close up and clearer shot on the details for the limited M.S.G weapon Assault Rifle during the gift shop campaign.

M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 01: Strong Rifle

Sample and Review Links:
Kotobukiya Frame Arms blog latest post show us more information on the upcoming latest M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 1 Strong Rifle that going to be 240mm length look like. Interestingly there is spring in the middle that support folding. I'm not really sure if that really require. Anyway, check out more photo and tips building these strong rifle at the official Kotobukiya Frame Arms blog!First sample preview!

Kotobukiya Gift Shop Limited Campaign: Assault Rifle

The M.S.G Assault Rifles was an exclusive free gift weapon campaign when purchase Frame Arms products over ¥4,000 in Kotobukiyastore and any selected shops in Japan. However, any M.S.G series are not eligible for the campaign according to the official website! Still, it suck to hear it only available exclusively in Japan starting on 22th December 2012. Gosh, I love the design!

See the full kit in action at official blog!

Frame Arms: YSX-24 Baselard

Sample and Review Links: Frame Arms YSX-24 Baselard product sample and review available at Kotobukiya Frame Arms blog! Check it out!Hobby No Toriko full action! Check it out!Ami-Ami Blog - Baselard and Extend Arms 02 review!Koun 0404 - Official LinksDalong.Net - Open Box and Review!  Description:
The all new YSX-24 BASELARD! With a sleek humanoid body covered in thruster nozzles, this is an incredibly agile robot. Beneath the outer armor is a basic robot skeleton, or “Frame,” which is highly articulated and covered in universal 3mm attachment points (compatible with Koto’s Modeling Support Goods series and much more) for extreme customization. The Baselard is comprised of 200 parts pre-colored in white, gray, blue, and yellow and requires no additional painting. The robot comes with a full range of armament including connecting rifles and a massive shield. The Baselard stands nearly 6 ½ inches tall (1/100 scale).

How to mount Samurai Sword

This is definitely a good handful guide providing us idea how to mount the M.S.G Weapon unit 6
Samurai Sword
for Frame Arms or any other kits. I always trap with the idea using clipping part but I never think of M.S.G Plaunit Short Pipe (P145)can be so simple to solve most of the weapons holding problem.