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New Frame Arms Stand By


Zenrai Assault Equipped Type Released!

Yes, Zenrai Assault Equipped Type released today in Japan and should now charging your credit card or Paypal when you already pre-order! If you didn't notice, the Japanese YEN exchange rate are so good these past months!!! So, YEAH!!! CHEAPER!!!

BTW, Hobby no Toriko review also up as well so check it out! =D

Zenrai Assault Equipped Type Review by Ami Ami

Weeeeee!! Zenrai Assault Equipped Type review up early over at Ami Ami blog!!!

M.S.G Heavy Weapon 04 Reveal!


Frame Arms Weapon Set Test Shot

Frame Arms Weapon Set runner test shot arrived at Kotobukiya Frame Arms blog! Visit the official site for more runner photos.

Tsu~earaisen - Long-Range Artillery by SR../Blood Zwei

What a build! This huge long range artillery mecha look stunning good and design! You guys should check out the whole photos at the official homepage!


Gosh! Seems like nowadays a lot of video games carry with action figures, PVC figure or plastic kits. Many of them does look good for collection but it just too bad I don't own Playstation 3. While I don't see plastic kit attract much attention as a limited or exclusive toy collections. So far, the only game released with it is Super Robot Taisen Original Generations LaLaBitMarket Special Edition.

The Katsina Geshupensuto Mk-II production model is exclusive released for the game. In case you wonder and might interested getting it, yes, it still available here or here.
Again, be remind Type 32 V Zenrai Assault Ver. will be release this month and also according to Kotobukiya, they will be revealing the forth M.S.G Heavy Weapon this month. Nice~!
For builder, someone is definitely building something.

FA Orbiter by YUKI

The built uses frame architects TYPE001 and M.S.G Heavy Weapons #1, #2 and #3. Check out more photos and details how to build at Kotobukiya Frame Arms Blog!


Hello visitors! I'm know the blog has been slow on Frame Arms news so to cover on such issue and keeping it going. I decided to start a new idea of mini news coverage which I called it F.A.M.S.G SIGHT.
The mini news can be randomly, since there are so many toy blogs news out there already cover most of the news. I decided to keep it simple, maybe including more limited release Kobobukiya plastic kit's news, sales and those hardly mention on the web.
Here are the starter of SIGHT! Modularity Investigation - Frame Arms#014Ami-Ami ShopM.S.G Trailer Base,Helicopter and Vehicles 52-53% Sales!Hobby Mate ShopTT Hong LiMechanical Base 7-10 and Domain Base CG Mechnical BaseSet A-E *Please take note that this is non original Kobobukiya version)Dengeki Fan Shop LimitedGesterben Pre-order!