Gosh! Seems like nowadays a lot of video games carry with action figures, PVC figure or plastic kits. Many of them does look good for collection but it just too bad I don't own Playstation 3. While I don't see plastic kit attract much attention as a limited or exclusive toy collections. So far, the only game released with it is Super Robot Taisen Original Generations LaLaBitMarket Special Edition.

The Katsina Geshupensuto Mk-II production model is exclusive released for the game. In case you wonder and might interested getting it, yes, it still available here or here.

Again, be remind Type 32 V Zenrai Assault Ver. will be release this month and also according to Kotobukiya, they will be revealing the forth M.S.G Heavy Weapon this month. Nice~!

For builder, someone is definitely building something.


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