Wow! I can't believe the time really gone that fast and still felt like yesterday. I'm glad that today it's the 1st day of May and everyone should have already gotten their money to ready rock for more toys soon.

Yes, in case you didn't read my previous posts. Last month Kotobukiya official Frame Arms blog announced quite few interesting upcoming new Frame Arms RF-12 Wilber-Nine, Extend Arms 03, M.S.G Heavy Weapon 04 and especially FA shop limited Revenant Igiru to be release August this year which I will definitely tried to get my hands on it.

With yet another surprising news, Kotobukiya announced the re-release NSG-04θ Weisheit θ. The release confirm date will be on August with Revenant Igiru. Same price and now available direct pre-order at their official shop (in Japan only). While you still can get at eBay, Hobby Locus from Hong Kong but the price went up to US$72.99 so it is tough choice.

Lastly, Ami-Ami interview the folks behind the Frame Arms marketing history (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4). Take note that this is in Japanese languages so you will need Google translation (or others) work on it if you don't understand (me too). It is a good read and glad to know the official Frame Arms website are in renovation because it is definitely looks so dead.


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