Frame Arms - YSX-24RD/NE Zelfikar/NE (Miyazawa Limited Edition)

The previous picture sure easily revealed to everyone about the variant released. The first Frame Arms Baselard variant is named YSX-24RD Zerufikaru. It going to feature two new weapons and comes with Extend Arms 02 sets selling at 5,880YEN.

While the second variant haven't announce yet. But we can easily guess the FA Baselard going to come with two M.S.G Unit 18 Freestyle Bazooka weapons. Hopefully they might bundle something new that yet seen before. Since Kotobukiya is good at producing many great weapons kit!

Check out the photos by clicking 'reveal more secret'! BTW, Pre-order is up at Hobby Search! 25% off Special Price reservation! Order now!!!


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