Kotobukiya at Wonderfest 2013 in Summer

M.S.G Heavy Weapon 05: Multiple Saber Design Preview.

Winter Releases 2013:-
  • MSG Weapon Unit 29 Gatling Gun
  • MSG Weapon Unit 30 Link Belt 
  • MSG Weapon Unit 31 Assault Rifle
  • MSG Weapon Unit 32 Japanese Sword


  1. Its a shame that there isn't a lot of technical info on most of these Frames pertaining to their fictional setting. I would have liked to know how tall they are.

  2. I am too would like to know, but we will see when they going to revamp their main official site as it was mention about the update of the site in the interview at Ami-Ami.

    1. Ah, hopefully that will be soon. I'm starved for technical info!


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