Multi-Legged Mechanical (EA-03 + HW-04 Grave Arms)

Kotobukiya Facebook posted a interesting custom build multi legged mechanical using Extended Arms 03 & HW-04 Grave Arms as a based.


  1. How much the grave arms is needed for this form...???

    1. By my count, four Grave Arms will be needed just for the three sets of "legs" and for mounting the top missile pods (half an arm). Where the legs attach, it looks like the back two are connected to the forearm of an architect frame on either side. Then there are the missile pods from the extend arms set. You figure $16 a pop for each Grave Arms kit, then $30-$40 for the extend arms kit.

      AmiAmi just released a set of MSG Robot Arms (set B), but they sold out real quick. If you got two of those sets, it should be enough to use instead of the other three Grave Arms, and be easier on the wallet.


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