YSX-24RD/NE Zelfikar/NE (Miyazawa Limited Edition) - Runner Preview

My long vacation is over so I can now start posting. Sorry for any late update due to no proper device to work on it. Anyhow, I know this is old news but still I am going to post it. =P


  1. Thanks for those news.
    I hope they'll us the new package design from now on and also always nclude decals.
    Those are aterslide decals, right?

    And: What is LIMITED about this kit? :S

  2. Hello Blaxun,

    The limited version actually includes new color, decals and (some) parts. As for the decals, kotobukiya did released decals before but it always sold out and uneasy to get in online stores. Many modellers prefer getting HiQ Parts decals as they always release new designs so check it out.


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