F.A.M.S.G Review – Frame Arms Modeling Guide Book

Hello everyone! The first Kotobukiya Frame Arms modeling guide book published by Shinkigensha finally arrived in F.A.M.S.G blog! I am so excited last week and spend hours going through the whole book writing my first review post.

First of all, Frame Arms Modeling Guide book cost about ¥3,200 and can be purchase now in most Japanese online shops. Do take note that this is not written in English and bundle with any FA Assault Rifle free gift. The free gift promotion only available at Kotobukiya own local or online web shop.

The book is A4 size fill with 128 pages containing three parts content containing tutorial for beginner to advance working on Frame Arms Type 001 and most popular Baselard. The nice thing about the book is it comes with tons of color photos in every page. So you won’t have much problem understanding the working steps. The only thing that I find less understanding why Kotobukiya wanted to waste 24 pages just for Frame Arms products and wiki. Since they are doing modeling guide book, they should had just includes this information's on their official website and focus provide more modeling material instead.

The book do includes more professional modeling skills and shows how the modelers kit bash their FA kits in details as well. As most of you readers know, Kotobukiya is not shy revealing the information in advance. You can find the six selected customize FA work photos below that feature inside the book.


Even though there are some disappointment in the book do not feature more Frame Arms professional modelers work, by wasting 24 pages just for FA wiki. But I can assure you this is a good guide book to gain access on more insight working on Frame Arms products. I personally learned something new from the tutorials and getting more ideas how to avoid the problem when working on FA kits. Hopefully, we will be seeing the book releasing English languages' version because until now, no one are translating the FA worlds story and mechanical information's.


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