Frame Arms Database Open

 Dear all readers and visitors! The Frame Arms database page is now open! This is just the first step rolling out the details of the Frame Arms model numbers and names including provide separate clearer different faction and weapon classes. Since I am not Japanese translator expert, so I have to relies heavily on the Google Translator and translate some meaning in the books to understand better.

The FA model numbers are 90% verify from the official modeling and volume guidance books itself. The remaining 10% are listed in red color means either not enough details or unconfirmed variations listed in Crowd Century timelines. Only the names are a bit tricky for Gourai and Zenrai series because the official Frame Arms modeling book name them as Werewolf and Werewolf Avenger instead. I do not know if that was a mistake or suppose given name for English version.

I will constantly update the list, review and will be using this page for future building proper Frame Arms Wiki if possible. I also welcome all providing feedbacks and correction to my bad translation works.

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  1. Thanks for your hard work. This will come in handy!


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