Frame Arms Girls - Weapons Set #2


  1. Down the Busou Shinki hole we go!

    Hopefully the F.A. Girl line will last longer. I really like what they're putting out.

  2. #2501 im sure that they will last long :3 considering the popularity of moe-mecha and the grudge of those who didn't yet satisfied with Busou Shinki

  3. I am interested in getting a FA model kit, but my choice right now is either the Stylet/Gourai Girl or the Stylet/Baselaird set, with an extra Weapons kit.

    Which of these should I get?

    Also, just asking. Are the normal FA parts and weapons cross-compatible with FA Girls? If they are, I'll perhaps get another extra set for modeling use.

    1. Yes, they are all cross-compatible and made with standard 3mm peg. Same goes for all existing M.S.G

    2. OK, thanks for the reply. Was wondering so because I wanted to get Gourai and Girl/Stylet and Girl, and added extra MSG gear for customizing. Perhaps make FA vehicles for the Girls to use?


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