AK GARDEN Exhibition by TAG Hobby

Alright, I won't be posting any exhibition photos (BTW massive) from TAG Hobby. Those guys went all the way to Japan taking these great photos so they deserved to be credit on the photos. Please drop by their site to check it out. I can ensure you going to enjoy looking every photos!

As for Kotobukiya news, they really just can't stop releasing different Frame Arms Girl! This time FAG Gourai Type 10 Ver. bundle with Little Armory (Tomy Tech) LA020 Howa Type 89 Assault Rifle which will be release separately on August. I'm not sure if it going to be available internationally but for the mean time, Check out Frame Arms Girl converage! and again, don't miss out the rest AK Garden small shops selling various unseen custom kits!


  1. I saw what appeared to be a magetsuki frame arms girl.

  2. That tiny cockpit chair with the light-up transparent bits looks awesome!


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