Frame Arms Girl Animation Announced!!!


  1. Really excited for this. I always want to know the background story of the Frame Arms Girls. I thought they'll be normal human size, but from the looks of it, it seems they are some kind of Busou Shinki. I thought Baselard has a cold personality (judging from the box art) but in the trailer, she actually smile a lot. It's just me, but at first I was expecting a more serious and darker atmosphere after I saw Darkness Guardian in this blog. But this light atmosphere is fine too.

  2. Right, they appear to be toy-size, same way that Busou Shinki played it. I guess that's a trend right now given the Gundam Build Fighters anime and whatnot. I would love to see more mecha musume adaptations where they are actual girls in life size armor rather than robotic versions of real-world toys, but any anime is better than none and shows they really have faith that the line is taking off.

  3. I was a fan of Busou Shinki, and I like the anime even it was "average" for NON-fan viewers.
    I hope the FAG anime will be at least that good like the Shinki anime.

    Also what do you think guys about Megami Device?


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