Dengeki Hobby Web - How to Make Fins in Frame Arms Lei-Dao

Dengeki Hobby Web has posted guide on making fins in Frame Arms Lei-Dao. Step by step photos are provided at the official website so I recommend you guys to check it out. Click Here!


  1. D:
    I have always saw those fins on most high-end builds/detail ups made by Japanese modelers, but NEVER know how actualy they made it so precise.
    Thank you for the link, and please keep your good work with this blog ;3
    P.S. What do you think about Megami Device?

    Thank you
    Krzysztof from

    1. Thx. Hmmm...I feel Megami Device kinda like version of Figma.

    2. It was based on Busou Shinki line (Back then by Konami, now a Kotobukiya line - it will be re-release in the near future), they have the same "body" maker for Busou Shinki, Megami Device, Phantasy Star Online 1/12 and Figma - Masaki APSY
      Also "base" Megami Devices (WISM - Women's Imperial Space Marines) are based on SW Stormtroopers where the "hi-end" models (SOL - Sonic Operations Lady) are based (not sure if true) on SW star fighters


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