F.A.M.S.G - Frame Arms HJ Modeling Masters Book

Finally, the Frame Arms HJ Modeling Masters book has arrived this week! I spend at least two days going through all the ace modelers work on Frame Arms kit again and again. I just can’t believe the imaginations and techniques use on the Frame Arms kit is so useful. I truly learned a lot and going to start working after Chinese New Year.

What you get from this book will feature from first released Frame Arms Gourai until Ji/Lei-Dao. For some reason, only Magatsuki didn’t make it inside. Strange, could be Druga looks more badass than Magatsuki? Probably. But you get to see Extended Arms from 01 to 05, FA/M.S.G weapons (some upcoming release this year) and M.S.G options parts (some Wave, HiQ Parts etc) are all use in the kits bashing. Do take note, the work showcase in the photos are mostly advance skill and scratch building are involved. I don’t think beginners will have a hard time to understand. We all just have different methods and skills to build Frame Arms.

The book provides high quality close up photos on how-to use several parts, M.S.G weapons and options part for extra details which are very useful for those who often got stuck in ideas. I was really taken surprised by how this guys did and make the kit look so creatively good. Some Frame Arms includes ability switching between original and upgrade version which is a plus to check out the changes.

The only issue for me are several of the photos are a bit small and unclear even looking from my glasses. To understand what the modelers done to the kits itself is to read the Japanese descriptions. I can’t so still a problem and sometimes need to guess what kind technique these ace modelers work on the kits.
For 3,500 YEN, you get total 30 different Frame Arms customize showcase work by the ace modelers and full 185 color printed pages from Hobby Japan. You can say this book is basically similar to Gundam Weapons: Gunpla Love! special edition. Aside from feeling disappointing not seeing Magatsuki feature inside or bundle any special stuffs. Frame Arms HJ Modeling Masters Book is highly recommended purchase and provide good reference for ideas even for starters or skeptical buyers getting Frame Arms.

*The book is now available shipping worldwide in Japan. 


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