Frame Architect (Fa) TYPE001

[Mechanism Description]

The Frame "Architect" is a driving skeleton, which was developed by the World Federation of Science and Technology Promotion Agency is to carry out the project "Re Sphere" for mankind which has progressed even more acceleration plan (Fa).

Fa is a mechanism breakthrough that enables the behavior of the various regions by in heavy general-purpose special figure which increased the man, realized that to trace the movement of people almost completely, add the equipment There was. Trial and error will be verified thoroughly over the 10 years, in various environments around the world, Fa has become a prototype to see the completion as "Fa/TYPE001" special heavy equipment generic universal standard.

In Fa/TYPE001, and it is also possible to run independently by not only operated as a heavy equipment humanoid, with a fuel cell power at each site, depending on the situation we modify the control software that it had been considered even be used to form a non-or partially humanoid. Parts are also produced as a unit of heavy equipment so usually, within a few years it was decided to penetrate into people's lives as much heavy equipment general be seen even in the city.

Came to be "Fa/TYPE001" new tools of mankind not show this limit moves the heart of human development, "Project Re Sphere" is moving may have been it is inevitable. But I will not be that great effort is performed, is used to act opposite of "war" Fa/TYPE001 is. Also in combat, Fa/TYPE001 has a high capacity, by adding the unit to improve the combat capability is made to function as a combat weapon humanoid.

Frame "architect" tool to open the future of humanity is was forced to be reborn in the "Frame Arms weapons" multiplied by the survival of the human race.


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