FRAME ARMS SA-17d Khanjar

SA-17S Khanjar SPEC:
  • 1 person crew
  • Fa/MG-04 "mid-machine gun" standard
  • Fa/ML-04 "multi-missile launcher" additional equipment
  • SH4000-D Siren mk main engine auxiliaries based IOF105. Ⅱ D 1 frame skeleton architect TYPE001 two drive

Technology & Combat Characteristics:

An advanced version of the SA-16 Stylet that takes the aerial combat attacker to a whole new level! In 2019, under the auspices of the international military alliance NATIA (North Atlantic Ocean Tactics Evolution Aggregate), the United States Armed Forces unveiled the “Human Type Multi Purpose Standard Frame Drive,” a universal robot body that each allied country could develop with various external weapons and armor.

  • Take advantage of Stylet's lightweight frame, Khanjar use reverse joint legs to increase its running speed. And can us the landing gears to dash in proper terrain.
  • The stabilizers are removed. Khanjar has secondary engine on each shoulder to keep its aerial mobility on par with Stylet. Since the propulsion system consume much of energy, Khanjar can't use laser weapon effectively.
  • The standard armaments switch to handhold mid-machine gun and multi-missile launcher.
  • Khanjar contribute greatly in Operation Ant Cleaner.
  • USA Special Force adopt Khanjar, call it "Ostrich" instead.
  • France use Khanjar as the base model for their in-developemnt "Super Stylet".


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