FichtenFoo Works: Frame Arms GouRai

Here’s one I’ve been working off an on with for the past month: The Frame Arms GouRai kit by Kotobukiya. The kit is 1/100 scale but a little larger than a typical 1/144 Gundam kit. Regardless of the size, the detailing is great and the frame was a breeze to work with and makes it really posable. (even though there’s only one pose in the pics).

I decided to forgo my usual 1/100 scale mecha clean look for a more weathered AFV feel. I modeled this just like I would a tank with washes and oil discoloration. The only change was in the chipping where I used a blade to scratch the light paint off showing the dark gray primer, and I didn’t use pigments as this would be handled more than a tank. Instead I weathered and muddied it up with acrylics and oils.
Visit FrichtenFoo official page for full gallery!


  1. Just found this site and my build-up posted. Thanks for the share. I just started a new Frame Arms kit yesterday and ordered a bunch more as they're fun builds. I found this site while looking for pics of the one I plan to build for inspiration.


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