Senrai - Type 32 Model 5

Senrai - Type 32 Model 5 SPEC:
  • (Can be changed to 2 people) 1 person crew
  • Fa/DBG-13 "double-barrel gun" standard 
  • Fa/CH-13 "Chainsaw Unit" 
  • (Fa/LN-13 "laser bayonet") 
  • Manifer solenoid 11 additional equipment (Fa/M-11 "Stan knuckle") 
  • Architect skeleton frame TYPE001 drive
Technology & Combat Characteristics:
Improvement over Gourai in respond to Ant attack, as Gourai turn out to be highly ineffective, especially when taking defensive role or fighting in urban environment. It has improved main sensor. The cockpit was switch to double seat type for pilot and operator (it still need only a pilot to operate). Chest armor was reinforced to provide better protection. Focus on close combat, Senrai has stunt knuckle on its left hand. This weapon is greatly effective against Ant unmanned FA by deliver electric discharge to burn Ant's AI circuit. Standard handhold weapon is double barrel gun (said to be used by USA FA force). It has option to attach with either chainsaw or laser bayonet. Since the tank threads are removed, Senrai will use transport helicopter to deploy at long distance.


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