M32 Gourai / Werewolf

[Mechanism Description]
M32 Gourai is the vanguard of the heavy assault ground combat type Frame Arms built from land mobility driving skeleton “Frame Architect TYPE001” (Fa/TYPE001) unit base, to replace the frontline main battle tanks by the Japanese Force.

Without making structure changes to the Frame Architect body, the heavy composite armor has built-in inside support generator on each part for additional power to compensate the additional weight. The material use in the armor is the new “Juraniumu Alloy” that has strong elasticity. In consideration when destroy and in order to perform the replacement of each armor part easily. This armor has gone through further improvement process making simple structure in the production. It is possible to mount additional armaments and equipments easily.

The walking movement function is equipped with tank thread running system that employs a self-drive balance wheel in a portion of the leg-shin (shin). The system also provides as a large suspension function and allows driving high-speed movement mode in the land terrain. 

The main armament is 120mm recoilless cannon installed by the back section weapon control box. There is sub-sensor attached in the right shoulder for synchronizing with the cannon to perform precise direct and indirect bombardment in unfavorable weather conditions. As standard, the M32 Gourai can select Armor-Piecing shot and high explosive anti-tank warhead-sticking grenades.

In addition to the features allow making use of manipulator of the Frame Arms that serves as a weapon mount. It can change the armament freely and unrestrictedly to have different combat response such as carry tactical knife for close combat. Gourai is versatile Frame Arms, was also successfully made into function as a huge ground infantry.

Although it was made from Fa/Type001 with new ability added after immediate introduction during Crowd Century 209. M32 Gourai performance is severe in the battlefield especially against the ANT, improvement and modification is necessary in response to the situation in harsh battlefield. New body variations in various forms were later born.

[Body Variations]
  • M32 TYPE-5 Zenrai / Werewolf Avenger
  • M32 TYPE-5C Zenrai with Assault Unit / M32 TYPE-5/SA Werewolf Avenger SA
  • M32RD Armor Werewolf