Frame Arms Weapons Set

Kotobukiya today listed and announce new item at their official site. This time going to be set of weapon parts that contains from previous released Frame Arms. It will be released as special edition gun metal in color molding as well two colors hand and bonus booklet.

Good news is that this product are now available for pre-order at any online store in Japan. Be warned that this will be sold limited quantity items with a limited production number.

In case you wonder, here are the weapon parts set information which can be found on current released Frame Arms.
  • Gatling Gun x1 (from SA-16 Stylet)
  • Missile launcher x1 (from SA-16 Stylet) 
  • Long Range Cannon x2 (from 榴雷 - ) 
  • Handgun x2 (from SA-17s Rapier Zephyr ) 
  • Small missile launcher x1 (from XFA-01 Werewolf Specter)
  • Grenade Launcher × 2 (from XFA-01 Werewolf Specter)
  • Large Sickle x1 (from NSG-X2)
  • FA hand parts (gray) × 1 set each left and right
  • FA hand parts (gun metallic) × 1 set each left and right 


  1. Why is this like 50 USD on amazon... sigh


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