M.S.G Assault Rifle (Gift Limited) Review by Metalbox

I was hoping someone willing to risk selling the gift limited M.S.G Assault Rifle unit at eBay, well no luck so far in the finding. One thing for sure this weapon unit is only limited produced and given as a free gift during Kotobukiya promotion campaign last year on Christmas who purchase Frame Arms products over ¥4,000. If you happen travel to Japan and got it during your visiting. You are a lucky bastard!
Now, what interest me is the M.S.G Assault Rifle unit design looks very familiar with the one used by NSG-04θ Weisheit θ (theta). To make sure my eyes were correct, I spent some effort searching through the Google Japanese engine looking larger close up photos for clues. Luckily I found one Japanese toy shop website known as, Metalbox, posted the best and clearer photo reviews.

Surprisingly yes, the M.S.G Assault Rifle does indeed uses the NSG-04θ Weisheit θ (theta) weapon body molding design. It just without the any clear blade and replace with different parts to form into rifle. Meh, I want to get that rifle even more! More photos can be found at Metalbox blog!


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