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Senrai - Type 32 Model 5

Senrai - Type 32 Model 5 SPEC:
(Can be changed to 2 people) 1 person crewFa/DBG-13 "double-barrel gun" standard Fa/CH-13 "Chainsaw Unit" (Fa/LN-13 "laser bayonet") Manifer solenoid 11 additional equipment (Fa/M-11 "Stan knuckle") Architect skeleton frame TYPE001 driveTechnology & Combat Characteristics:
Improvement over Gourai in respond to Ant attack, as Gourai turn out to be highly ineffective, especially when taking defensive role or fighting in urban environment. It has improved main sensor. The cockpit was switch to double seat type for pilot and operator (it still need only a pilot to operate). Chest armor was reinforced to provide better protection. Focus on close combat, Senrai has stunt knuckle on its left hand. This weapon is greatly effective against Ant unmanned FA by deliver electric discharge to burn Ant's AI circuit. Standard handhold weapon is double barrel gun (said to be used by USA FA force). It has option to …

FichtenFoo Works: Frame Arms GouRai

Here’s one I’ve been working off an on with for the past month: The Frame Arms GouRai kit by Kotobukiya. The kit is 1/100 scale but a little larger than a typical 1/144 Gundam kit. Regardless of the size, the detailing is great and the frame was a breeze to work with and makes it really posable. (even though there’s only one pose in the pics).

I decided to forgo my usual 1/100 scale mecha clean look for a more weathered AFV feel. I modeled this just like I would a tank with washes and oil discoloration. The only change was in the chipping where I used a blade to scratch the light paint off showing the dark gray primer, and I didn’t use pigments as this would be handled more than a tank. Instead I weathered and muddied it up with acrylics and oils. Visit FrichtenFoo official page for full gallery!

FRAME ARMS SA-17d Khanjar

SA-17S Khanjar SPEC: 1 person crew Fa/MG-04 "mid-machine gun" standard Fa/ML-04 "multi-missile launcher" additional equipment SH4000-D Siren mk main engine auxiliaries based IOF105. Ⅱ D 1 frame skeleton architect TYPE001 two drive
Technology & Combat Characteristics:

An advanced version of the SA-16 Stylet that takes the aerial combat attacker to a whole new level! In 2019, under the auspices of the international military alliance NATIA (North Atlantic Ocean Tactics Evolution Aggregate), the United States Armed Forces unveiled the “Human Type Multi Purpose Standard Frame Drive,” a universal robot body that each allied country could develop with various external weapons and armor.

Take advantage of Stylet's lightweight frame, Khanjar use reverse joint legs to increase its running speed. And can us the landing gears to dash in proper terrain.The stabilizers are removed. Khanjar has secondary engine on each shoulder to keep its aerial mobility…